Who we are

Every year, more than 1 million people die from car accidents, and another 20-50 million suffer critical injuries. 94% of all road accidents occur from distracted driving. While road safety features are available in the market in the form of ADAS safety, they are expensive and and requires buying a new vehicle.

We believe road safety is not a luxury to avail only at high prices. Sapience Automata is committed to bring affordable and adequate road safety for each and every car on this planet, and aim towards 100% reduction of accidents. With our unique products and predictive AI driven models, we are building essential road safety features at affordable prices, including features uniquely necessary for Indian roads. We have also taken strides towards more and more capable road safety solutions, the real-life simulations of our pedestrian safety feature display capability of accident reduction by 90% and beyond.


Our vision

Fully Self driving cars may never be a reality in this century in India. But every vehicle can be turned ADAS enabled in the next 15 years to protect from human errors, thereby reducing accidents by 60% and more. AI Buddy is the gateway to that reality with its affordability and ease of integration.

Our mission

Making Road Safety Affordable and Accessible for Everyone.

Satyajit Neogi
Founder, CEO & CTO
Product head
Unmesh Dabhade
Co-Founder, Product Head
Punith Kumar
Director of Finance

Anupam Chattopadhyay

Justin Dauwels
Dr. Rajeev Godkhind

Subhajit Kumar
Sr. Consultant, Marketing & Lead Gen

Digital Marketing Lead
Casing and Manufacturing Lead
Sree Tilak
Automotive Specialist, Sales and Implementation
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