Introducing AI Buddy

First ever budget friendly plug and play driver assistance system.

starting at ₹24,999


Turn your vehicle into AI driven Driver Assistance System enabled in minutes. Your AI Buddy will alert you upto 3 seconds before any impending collisions. Protect yourself, your loved ones and your valuable fleet from human errors such as distraction, sleeping, speeding etc.



Track your vehicle with embedded state-of-the-art GPS tracker. Maps On the Go, enables you to keep your mobile phones free.

Records HD video easy in minute

You will never need a dashcam for insurance claims. HD recordings from AI Buddy’s 160 degree wide angle camera will cover you in critical moments, with critical data augmented recordings.

One stop solution for safety and Entertainment

Play your favourite movies, music and more with WiFi enabled AI Buddy and your treasured infotainment applications.

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