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Any vehicle can be an ADAS-Enabled vehicle with AI-Buddy

With an increase of vehicles on road, the number of road fatalities in India in the last five years has also increased to 2,363,031. The fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles is predicted to increase in the future. This increase is largely attributed to drivers not following traffic rules, speeding, travelling without wearing seat belts, drunk driving, poor road conditions, and distracted driving.

Statistics show that most car accidents happen in the early evening and late evening. Although this is not a cause for alarm, the corresponding times of day have been associated with higher car accidents. In terms of vehicle death rates, a small increase in speed is associated with a higher risk of a car accident. It is important to observe the speed limit at all times. Drivers should also be aware of the speed limit, forward/pedestrian/motorbike collision, lane departure and curb collision, as these attributes can greatly affect their ability to respond.

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ADAS features alerts drivers to avoid the collision, but it entirely depends on how the driver takes an action against the incurred warning.

To avoid accidents occurring due to the causes mentioned above, ADAS-enabled (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) vehicles are present in the market that offer a prior warning to avoid accidents.

But these systems are not for all; here are some of the challenges of currently available ADAS systems:

ADAS-enabled cars start from above 20 lacs, and more advanced ADAS vehicles range from 40-to 50 lacs, which is not affordable for most people in India.

These ADAS systems are not prominently accurate and do not work in complicated scenarios thus preventing accidents by around 30% which is not value for money considering the upfront cost.

All high-end cars have, these ADAS systems pre-integrated; thus, they cannot be associated with any other vehicle, which limits the accessibility and utility of the current ADAS systems by the masses.

Not all ADAS vehicles available now are not designed for complicated scenarios on Indian roads.

To overcome these problems and control accidents effectively, Sapience Automata brings to you an AI-backed ADAS device known as the AI-Buddy.

With the advent of artificial intelligence, we at Sapience Automata introduce an ADAS- enabled device that can be equipped with any vehicle with efficacious safety features. This technologically advanced system, or driver assistance system, is based on advanced AI and cutting edge ML algorithm that alerts the driver of potential problems on the road and enables the driver to act to avoid accidents or traffic fines. .

Here are some more Features of AI-Buddy that helps in the effective reduction of accidents:

Forward collision warning

This feature scans the road ahead to prevent a vehicle from colliding with yours. It uses distance and speed calculations to determine the danger level and can warn you via beeps and visual display units. The system also lets you know if the forward vehicle is stopped suddenly, so you can brake in time.

Pedestrian collision warning

A pedestrian collision warning system can help to prevent accidents with pedestrians. These systems send alerts when an approaching vehicle is about to hit a pedestrian. When the Time to Collision falls below 3 seconds, a PCW is generated, helping the driver to save the lives of the pedestrians.

Motorbike & cycle collision warning

This feature works as an extended version of a forward-collision warning system. It is designed to alert you to imminent collisions with bikes, cycles or other two-wheelers. It detects the presence of preceding traffic and measures the distance to an object in front of the driver. The collision probability is calculated, and the warning system will alert the driver of the potential threat.

Animal collision alert

In India, especially in rural or semi-urban areas and strangely on highways as well, the odds of hitting an animal are significant. AI-Buddy is equipped with an animal detection system, which will send an audio and visual signal to the driver onboard altering the driver to avert a road accident.

Traffic signal detection

This system typically makes use of Deep Learning techniques to train convolutional neural networks to recognize predefined traffic signs. To increase safety at signalized intersections, this feature employs and increases drivers’ decision-making. For example, the device detects a vehicle approaching a red light and alerts the driver to slow down the speed.

Where AI-Buddy can Be integrated!

This avant-garde device can be integrated with:

Any passenger vehicle including cars, jeeps, SUVs, commercial or heavy vehicles (LCV & HCV), buses, auto-rickshaw, passenger tempos and many more.
Any fleet management company can this unique solution to monitor their vehicles such as trucks, heavy loading vehicles, vans, forklifts, specialist vehicles, and commercial motor vehicles to prevent accidents and overview their drivers’ driving behaviour.
Any individual or private vehicle such as cars, two-wheelers, etc.
Any individual or private vehicle such as cars, two-wheelers, etc.
Taxi associations

Delving deeper into the nitty-gritty of AI-Buddy:

AI-Buddy comes in two versions:

Some common features that both the AI-Buddy versions share:

AI-Buddy Pro will also have some unique features like

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First PedAI, Then AI-Buddy - What’s Next?

After deeply exploring the realms of AI and ML through revolutionary products like PedAI and AI-Buddy, we at Sapience Automata are planning to bring an AEB-driven system into being. Our motive is to outshine as an absolute solution-driven platform to significantly reduce the number of accidents.

An automatic emergency braking (AEB) system is cooking in our Innovation labs.

It’s coming very soon!

The idea of launching this system enthralls us a lot as it will help in reducing accidents caused by human error. This system will be primarily designed to prevent minor injuries, such as whiplash, in rear-end collisions. It will significantly reduce the severity of rear-end collisions, preventing them from being fatal.
AEBwill help prevent accidents by automatically braking a car when it will detect a collision looming ahead. This feature will work by using sensors to scan the road ahead and warn the driver when the vehicle is about to crash. A crash may be avoided entirely as the AEB will reduce the severity. A driver will not have to touch the brake pedal, and ourAEB system will add braking force to ensure maximum efficiency.
We even intend to integrate this advanced feature with our current products. Many ahead of time ideas and solutions are on your way; stay tuned!
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